When Llinos and Russ sent me an enquiry to see if I was available to shoot their wedding, I was beyond excited as their wedding was in Pembrokeshire which is where I’m from. I always love going back to Tenby and Saundersfoot seeing the familiar faces and places from where I grew up, so to actually go back for work, well it wasn’t like work at all.

As a Pembrokeshire wedding photographer I love that I get to shoot weddings in so many different venues. Llinos and Russ got married on August 9th this year at St Mary’s Church in Tenby and afterwards at The Corran Hotel and Spa in Laugharnne, and what a fabulous wedding it was. So perfectly planned and incredibly personalised to them both it was beautiful. Their theme was bees and this was apparent all through the day. Russ made the card box himself in the style of a bee hive, his Mum made the little knitted bees that decorated the tables, even Llinos’s perfume was Honey by Marc Jacobs – it all tied in together beautifully.

Llinos got ready at her parent’s house in Penally with her mum and bridesmaids. It was a lovely morning of pampering, disney songs and champagne while Russ was getting ready at The Corran. Thankfully despite a few morning showers the weather was perfect and Llinos arrived at the church in beautiful sunshine. After the ceremony we went up to the North Walk in Tenby for some portraits which overlooks the north beach and the pretty coloured town.

Once at The Corran the rain came and sadly it didn’t stop for the rest of the day but despite the heavy downpour, spirits were high and the party really began to get under way.

During the evening reception we managed to get outside for the fireworks and a couple of night portraits which complete this set perfectly. It was a beautiful wedding, so full of character, love and personal touches here are my favourites from their day.

Thanks for reading 🙂 x

Pembrokeshire wedding photographer

Llinos & Russ-002

Llinos & Russ-010

Llinos & Russ-011

Llinos & Russ-013

Llinos & Russ-014

Llinos & Russ-023

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Llinos & Russ-041

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