I met these little angels a few weeks ago at their home just outside Swansea. Darcy is 5 and Amelia is 7 – they were SO much fun to be around. Both girls were really excited about having their photo taken and were really keen to show me all their favourite things before the shoot began. Darcy took me to her new Peppa Pig play tent (I actually loved it, wish they came in adult versions)! and Amelia was showcasing her new pet fish ‘Bubble.’ I love getting to know the kids I’m going to photograph before the shoot starts because I think it really helps them to open up and show who they are. It’s really intimidating when someone you’ve never met before shows up at your house and points a big camera in your face!! So getting to know them and playing in Peppa Pig play tents is all part of why I love being a children’s photographer. I took my studio kit along and the girls were more than happy to help me set it up, after a few minutes the girls decided they’d had enough of that and wanted to go outside to see if George the horse was in his field. So off we went, but George didn’t want to play!