Don’t get me wrong, I love every wedding I photograph because each one is unique in so many ways. From the details at the reception, the colour scheme’s, the entertainment and even down to the families and friends no two weddings are the same. But for a wedding photographer, there is something particularly special about a wedding that’s different from many others. Take this one for example.

Georgia and Adam got married last year in August at the fantastic Crug Glas Country House which is near St Davids on the Pembrokeshire coast. I love this venue for a variety of reasons: Firstly the food is exquisite – I mean literally mouth watering. Perkin & Janet have served me many culinary delights (I’m super thankful guys – you rock!!) they never disappoint. Secondly there’s the rolling fields and 600 acres that surround this excellent venue. At certain times of the year you’ll see barley fields, corn fields and rapeseed fields that just dazzle you with yellow it’s pretty much impossible to take a bad photo. Everywhere you look it’s just idyllic, rural bliss. Lastly it’s the warm welcome you get and the fantastic service that you receive. Janet, Perkin & the team are always on hand to help out however they can nothing is too much trouble and they always go above and beyond for you. So when I met Adam & Georgia and they told me they were getting married at Crug Glas I knew I had to be their photographer.

Georgia and Adam live just outside of London so it was pretty special for them to get married at such a remote location. Georgia stayed the night before in the luxurious 5* country house with some of her bridesmaids and as I arrived on the day of their wedding the preparations were well under way with hair and make up in full swing. I always love this part of the day – seeing the dress for the first time, the atmosphere is full of fun and laughter and it’s just a really great girlie experience (not sure the guy photographers feel the same, some might but I LOVE IT)

While the girls were getting ready and pampered to perfection the venue were setting up the outside seating for the ceremony. It was beautiful. The gravel path made a fantastic aisle, the candle lanterns sat prettily at the edge and the overhang of the trees finished it all off perfectly. It was lovely and warm and so nice to be outside for the ceremony as this is only the second time I’ve shot an outdoor wedding. The first one I did was Alex and Toby which you can see here. As the guests arrived and chatted comfortably with each other I took some candids. My couples always love seeing these as it’s capturing the people you love most in the way you know them best. Adam waited anxiously with his Groomsmen for the ceremony to get under way. They were all quite lucky actually to have made it to the venue at all because the VW Camper van that they arrived in almost wiped them all out! The doors flew open while on the road at 50mph! Nothing like a near death experience on your wedding day to really get your nerves going! (We re-einacted the visual for you at the reception!)

Georgia walked out of the Boutique country house with her very proud father and the ceremony began. She looked sensational in her dress and long flowing hair. Adam had a hard time containing his emotion as he too was immensely proud. The celebrant was the couples’ friend Dan which just added to the many personal touches through the day and both Adam & Georgia’s sisters had parts in the ceremony in the form of reading’s and singing.

Before the ceremony ended there was a quick opportunity for a selfie! Because who doesn’t love a selfie on their wedding day So Adam & Georgia quickly snapped themselves with their guests in the background and the ceremony ended.

We headed out to the barley fields to create some beautiful portraits in the long grass that went on for miles and after about 20 minutes we headed back to join in on the celebrations and take the required group shots. The children enjoyed the garden games that were on display and as everyone relaxed into the party I went inside to capture more of the stunning reception details.

After the wedding breakfast and a quick re-charge of all my batteries the speeches got under way from Georgia’s Father, Adam and Adam’s best man. Experience tells me that this is the part of the day that causes many the most anxiety. Public speaking is not everyone’s strength but I say the same thing to everyone. “You are surrounded by the people who love you the most, they are willing you on, and sending good vibes. Nobody will bat an eye lid if you get flustered, loose your place or drop the F-bomb just go for it – you’ll be fine.” And for the best man I always offer reassurance that if none of his jokes get a laugh that I’ll laugh at them – this sometimes helps but often costs him a large gin and tonic at the end of the night!!

As it happens the speeches were seamless and there was no need for the said gin and tonic because the crowd loved all the jokes. We cut the cake straight after and then all the formalities were over. The band were ready, the guests were ready, I was ready so the dancing began and the party really kicked off.

Every single person at this wedding made me feel so welcome and was so friendly that it really left me with the good fuzzy feels. I left knowing that I couldn’t wait to get home and download my cards to get their previews to them the next day and it was definitely worth staying up another couple of hours after the drive back to Swansea.

Thanks so much for having me Adam & Georgia your wedding was spectacular I loved every minute of it!

I would love to photograph more weddings at Crug Glas so if you’re getting married there get in touch and we can make plans!