Beach wedding photography at Druidstone Hotel


As a wedding photographer I always watch the weather in the build up to a wedding, so I was prepared for the rain that literally hammered down on us on the school run at 8.45am yesterday morning, and I’m always prepared for rain on a wedding day. You’ve got to have a back up plan incase going outside is just not an option. I paid a visit to the fabulous Druidstone Hotel a week before Ceirios & Kieron’s wedding to scout the venue out and to plan my shot list in both wet and dry versions. This is something I always do if I’m shooting at a new venue. Now even though I have faith in the BBC weather app (it’s never let me down) I did wonder if the rain was actually going to stop at lunchtime as I was expecting. – Thankfully it did.

Ceirios and Kieron had a beach themed wedding so where better to have it than Druidstone Hotel which is set right on the Pembrokeshire coast and boasts some of the most stunning views of the coastline I have ever seen. The decorations and details were all DIY by Ceirios and her Mum, they have spent months collecting shells from local beaches and made the hair slides and bouquets for Ceirios and her Bridesmaids, and the centerpieces for the venue. After the ceremony we headed to Broad Haven for some photos and we managed to dodge the rain at just the right time and even though it was extremely windy (which you can’t help when you’re right on the coast) it actually worked in our favour creating beautiful movement with Ceirios’s dress. While we were off for photo’s their guests enjoyed and endless supply of ice cream from the ice cream van.

As the day went on so did my faith in the BBC because the sun began to peak out from the clouds from around 4pm as expected. By 8pm we had some fantastic sunlight to get some stunning evening portraits on the Pembrokeshire coast.

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